Misc Unsigned Bands - Northsouth - Overwhelmed chords

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This was a cool song I heard that's not too well known check it out here:
This is the only place I've ever seen it...

Chords Used:
G  C9 D  C#


Overwhelmed – NorthSouth

Capo 1

Intro: G/D/C9 (4x)

Verse 1:
G      D                   C9                   D      G
Oh, in every dream I'd fall asleep, beside you silently
         D               C9                             D    G
awake in all my flease*, take this moment tie away the string
     D	         C9                                D     G
lets play again, tag you’re it, now take me by the hand
         D             C9                   D
this, unspeakable regret as you slip right through my plans

Am           D            D      C#
Wont you come and take my memory
Am         C9     D
pick apart every broken scene

G                   D        D   C#
watchin' the phone as, impatience now 
grows and I, listen in again to check for the tone,
    D                  G
you gotta let me know
            D       D  C#
Staring away and, attention 
decays and I'm, Overwhelmed this may be my 
final hopeful stand

Intro (2x)

Verse 2:
Walking home I found someone, I hope you don't mind I'm doin' just fine
Still hear that echoing, a theory-o*, voice upon my mind
that saying you wants to sleep, lying in the crimson grass
feel the river coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up fast

Chorus (2x)

G   D     C9                               G  D  C9
                      My final hopeful stand

*lyrics unsure

Tabbed by Waaaaan
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