Misc Unsigned Bands - Lose The Love - Jou Xiong chords

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Verse 1 :
G               D                   Am           Em
you're walking away; is this really what you want
G                 D                Am(2x)
look at me in the eye before you leave
G                   D             Am              Em
im gonna tell you this one last time, so hear me out
G                       D       Am(2x)
i'm gonna give you everything i have
G               D           Am                  Em
you said that i wasn't your type; what is your type
G          D               Am(2x)
did i not give you enough love

G                  D        Am      D
you just couldn't handle me i   assume
G                D                 C (2x)
i was willing to give it all up to you
G               D            Am                Em
you're choosing to lose the love,i'm fine with it,
G           D             Am                D
just making sure you are sure with what you choose

verse 2:
G           D
i hope you good luck
Am                        Em
finding a girl who will put up with you
G                D                 Am
your constant complaint about your life
G                  D               Am                          Em
i'll still be your friend and as a friend im gonna to tell you this
G                 D                Am (2x)
your not the only one who's going through it all
G              D                   Am     D
so i'm hoping you'll be strong in every way
G            D              Am           Em
i won't have time to listen to the same story)


G D Am Em 
G D Am
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