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Strength in God

G A D/F# Bm
           D/F#      G               D/F#     A
I have seen his Glory, the one and only
         D/F#               G                  A
Who came from the father full of grace and truth
        D/F#       G           D/F#            A
Yet i do things solely believing that I am enough
       D/F#       G                A
Still you redeem me when i kneel before you
Em     D/F#       C9-G/B       Em               D/F#       Asus-A
Everyday;   Even   in     my darkest and brightest day
     B/D -D/F# G
And I pray, Lord you be my strength
B/D                D/F#     G
Now more than ever, I surrender
         B/D -D/F#          G
And i'll stay into your arms 
    B/D           D/F#     G              A
In Everything I do All Glory and Praise be to you
      G       D/F#      A
My God is now my strength
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