Misc Unsigned Bands - Desiree Friesen - Dont Get Involved chords

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Another song I wrote.. Please Comment!!!

Capo 5

Verse 1
F                     D 
When you look at the way we were,
A                       Em
You would think it was terrible.
F                       D
But you don't even know our side of the story.
A                                Em
You don't even care enough to know.

F                    D       A   Em
Why can't we just be left alone?
F             D            A   Em
Why does everyone get involved?
F               D              A  Em
It's not like I wanted you to help.
I just want to be with him.
I was better off with him.
Next time I'm in trouble,
Em             F  D  A  Em
Don't Get Involved.

Verse 2
F                     D          A   Em
What we think doesn't matter to you.
F              D                 A   Em
Our pain barly breaks though to you.
F                         D           A      Em
Why should we even try to change your minds?
F          D      A             Em
We already tried, but you won't listen.


F                D            A  Em
Can't you see we want to be together?
F                        D      A Em
What's blocking you from seeing this?
F    D                A        Em
Just listen to me and you will know.

F D A Em (One strum each, softly,) x2


F       D       A                Em
Please, Please, I don't want you involved...

Thank You!!!
-Desiree Lynsee
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