Misc Unsigned Bands - Zephyr - The Meaning Of My Life chords

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Intro: G Am Bm C/G

Am         G    F             C/G
Lord I am sorry, I wanna be forgiven
Am            G      F             C/G
I know I have sinned, I know I have been

Ref I:
         F             C/G
I was a man with no direction
         F               C/G
I was a man looking for salvation

G                   Am                      Bm
  I was looking for love, I was looking for truth
                    C/G                    G
  I was looking for something then I found you
                    Am                     Bm
  You showed me the way, You showed me the light
                    C/G             G   Am Bm C/G
  You showed me the meaning of my life

Am          G    F           C/G
I now I am here, singing for You
Am          G    F              C/G
singing of love, and praises to You

Ref II:
           F                       C/G
now I am a man with a sense of direction
           F                        C/G
now I am a man with a sense of completion

(Repeat Chorus)

G             Am                  
  Nothing is better than knowing you
Bm            C/G                     (G)
  nothing is better than praising you
(Repeat Bridge then Chorus)

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-JSK Antipolo-
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