Misc Unsigned Bands - Colourless - Copper chords

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C C G G7

G 		     G7
I must be the lucky kind of boy

C					G				E   A
'cause looking into your copper, now that's pure joy

G				D
Now take my hand and we'll rune for miles 

A					G
It makes my day when I make you smile 

And now------ [riff] 
Your back's against the wall

we can see into our souls 

A		D
So kiss, kiss my androgynous heart

A		D
and kiss, kiss just to break me apart

G			G7
When green meets copper I don't know what to do 

C		G		   E      A-----
Beautiful girl, I'm just in love with you

Am				Em
The hurt's too bad, I fear I'd die 

Dm				Am
If I ever made your copper cry 


G		     G7
And through my tears

A		   E
you made me feel so loved

G			C
So come after me, come back to me 

E			A
Put me into your arms once again

Because I love you--------
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