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Misc Unsigned Bands - Shenanigans - The Fifth Song chords

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G|-3-| D|-2-| Csus2|-3-| C#|-x- | G#|-x-| F#|-x-|
 |-3-|  |-3-|      |-3-|   |-8- |   |-3-|   |-x-|
 |-0-|  |-2-|      |-0-|   |-9- |   |-4-|   |-2-|
 |-0-|  |-0-|      |-2-|   |-10-|   |-5-|   |-3-|
 |-2-|  |-x-|      |-3-|   |-10-|   |-5-|   |-3-|
 |-3-|  |-x-|      |-x-|   |-8- |   |-3-|   |-1-|

Intro: G D Csus2 G D G

G                        D
When time has passed me by,
                        Csus2              G
I sit here late at night and think of you.
When all hope seems to go,
                  Csus2           G D G
you wanted to know if I need you.

C#              G#
Looking at you now,
C#                G#
We'll find a way somehow,
C#                 G#
to make it back to good.
F#                                   G
I would starve our problems if I could.

G                        D
Think of the life we'd have,
where nothing makes us mad,
                  G D G
we'd have it all.
G                    D                        Csus2
I'd give up everything to make it what we mean,
                G D G
I'd give it all.

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