Misc Unsigned Bands - David R Mohr - Bourbon Cowboy chords

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{Intro:} G

  C                      Cadd9
I leave these city lights
      G                        G7
Ev'ry Friday and Saturday night
C                             Cadd9
Back to this hole-in-the-wall
        G                      G7
I still get that back home call

          C                      Cadd9
I left my ranch and now it's gone
            G                          G7 
I don't fit in but still I'm holdin' on
       C                          Cadd9
When I sit at the bar it suites me
            G                D7
Where's the cowboy I used to be

                G                       D7    
     I ain't an Urban cowboy that don't understand
     Am                         C
     What it's like to live and work the land
        C                               Em
     So I sit here drinkin' and feelin' coy
     Am  D7          G                          G  
     Hey Hey look at me {tacet} I'm a Bourbon Cowboy

   G                                                  C
   When you don't rope and you don't rustle and don't work the land
               D7                                    G
   When you're all tied up in suites 'cause you're a business man
   E                                                          G
   Drinkin' on the weekend at some honky-tonk that brings you joy
   E                                                       G
   Fetch another round lay that bottle down on the counter boy
   Am                                                           D
   I'm a whiskey drinkin' self defeatin' boot wearin' corporate toy
   Am   D7          G                           G
   Hey, Hey look at me {tacet}  I'm a Bourbon Cowboy

            C                          Cadd9
I leave the honky-tonk after the fights
      G                        G7
On my way back home I just sigh
  C                        Cadd9
I look in the mirror to see
    G                  G7
The cowboy I used to be

C                    Cadd9
Contrary to that poem
    G                           G7
Sometimes you just can't go home
   C                   Cadd9
At least not to a place
     G                      D7
That progress has stripped away



A    D7          G                         G
Hey, Hey look at me {tacet} I'm a Bourbon Cowboy
A      D7         G                           G 
Have a drink with Me {tacet} I'm a Bourbon Cowboy 
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