Misc Unsigned Bands - Corner Kid - Beauty And The Priest chords

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C            Cmaj7         C         Cmaj7     C            Cmaj7                  C        Cmaj7
She was a girl royally appointed,          he was a priest royally annointed
F                               G                            C              Am
Travel with me for a while, and we’ll find beauty in exile
                    F                            Fm
He would protect her using the words he was trained to use

C               Cmaj7         C       Cmaj7     C            Cmaj7                  C        Cmaj7
C               Cmaj7         C       Cmaj7     C            Cmaj7                  C        Cmaj7
He wore his robes and she wore her armor
C               Cmaj7         C       Cmaj7     C            Cmaj7                  C        Cmaj7
He was a troll and she was a charmer
F                       G                            C                     Am
Riding a big balloon, the two would travel to silver moons
                        F                                               Fm
And they’d go dancing, and they’d take off their clothes

Cm             Gm            Fm             Cm   Gm   x2
Bridge (solo)

Cm           Gm                      Fm                          Cm
Hey, it’s okay, god invented man then invented religion
            Gm   Cm                            Gm
So you can reflect, how ever you please,
                        Fm                  G
Down on your knees, standing tall
               Am                             A
Whisper aloud or sing it in your head

D                           Dmaj7                              D        Dmaj7
Everyone thinks of games to cushion the bullets
D          Dmaj7                      D             Dmaj7
Life is a gun and we are its’ victims
                  G                         A                       D             Bm
So you can call it a waste of time, but we all need some ladders to climb
                      G                           A                        D            Bm
And when we needed a place to hide we always stuck by each others side
                      G                            A                   D                Bm
And when we come right back to life it just got easier and easier
                    G               A                          D        Dmaj7          
So when we all learn to die, we’ll learn to live
 D      Dmaj7       D       Dmaj7
(to fade)
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