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Am       F                            C    
So you woke up on the road
          G                                  Am                       F
You don't know where you were but that's ok
          C                                  G
You know you're on your way

You hang on to the wheel
The night it hits your eyes and covers up 
The things you left behind

C                   C/B                     Am
And in the same head, in the same breath
You find you can't write it out at all
Cause summer can't wait and I can't wait 
To see you in everything
          C       C/B           Am    Em			
And you're already gone
I'm already wrong
You're already gone I'm already wrong

Am     F     C    G
So it's over for a while    And until next time
It's not even a day your vacation goes away

And it's better when it hurts    Cause it means that you're awake 
And it gets through   When she turns into you


Am     F     C    G
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You own me, you own me, you own me, you own me.
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