Misc Unsigned Bands - Katy Mcallister - Not Cut Out Original chords

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Not Cut Out (Original)
Katy McAllister

C                       G             D
She's beautiful, this I always knew
D                                            C
I'm just too stubborn to admit that's true
C                           G
She's had you hooked like I never knew
Exacly just how to do
C                        G
And I sugar coated every dream of you
That you're unable to make come true
C                            G
And I lost faith the seventh time around
It appears as though I'm still here now
Em7                            G
This doesn't mean I don't love everything about you
But sometimes that's not enough
Em7                            G                               D
and It doesn't mean I couldn't stick it out a few more years
It just means I'm not that tough
Whether you like it or not

C                   G
I'll be around most likely
For years to come if you need anything
But I'll never be your lover

No I'm not cut out
For that job obviously
G                             D
I'm not enough and I won't be ever if not now
Your temporary lover you lay down
   G                     D
So don't fall back on me now
Cuz I'm not cut out

VERSE 2: Same as V1

I've been in trouble since the start of the first round

and I've dug a hole I can't get myself out

been miserable off and on for a while

Just give it two more months, wait it out

and I told myself that you came back because you love me

But it turns out that I found out it's cuz you're alone again

and you never hesitated once to leave me standing

In corners watching you choose her over me again


Cuz I'm not cut out
    G                    D
For this, it's not worth it

From my end, I've been over it
C               G               D
Too many times, too many lines
D                      G        D
I've never seen you so clearly
You're so clear to me

VERSE 3: same as V1

Sometimes I think I know you better than you know yourself

I'll call your every move, before you move it

The only problem is that I have too much faith in you

I see the best in you, but you wont prove it

It's obvious that it's real love because you disgust me

And I put up with you willingly when nobody else will

Thought I could stick it out a few more years

But who's to say, you would actually stay
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