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Misc Unsigned Bands - To Live Another Day - Shadows chords

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To Live Another Day- Shadows
Chords (Tuning is D. Chords are based on standard shapes)
Slight distortion (light grunge)

Chord changes are on slashes (/)
Post-chorus chords are strummed three times before change

Em		Am              C
Follow me / to the darkest/ corner
Em  Am  D
Of/ this/ world
Em             Am                    C
Leave me/ with a shadow/ and a shell
Em         Am       D
Of my/ former/ self
(Chorus 1)
E5                 A5                     C5
And I donít/ care if this will/ ever last
E5      A5        D5
All I /want is/ for a taste of
E5       A5       C5
How/ things/ used to be
E5           A5                  D5
And Iíll/ do anything/ for you
Post-chorus 1
E5--- A5--- C5--- D5---
(Verse 2)
Em             Am         C
Break me/ down to/ my soul
Em               Am                         D
You wonít/ find any darkness/ there
Em             Am                C
Rip open/ all my scars/ and poke my wounds
Em     Am     D
Just/ to see/ me bleed
(Chorus 2)
E5                   A5                    C5
And I donít/ care if forever/ never comes
E5      A5            D5
All I/ want is/ just a moment
E5       A5                       C5
Back/ in the lime light/ of your eyes
E5            A5                D5
And Iíll/ do anything/ just to see you smile

(Post-Chorus 2)
E5--- A5--- C5--- D5---
E5                 C5                      D5
Youíre my/ addiction and/ all I need
E5       A5                        D5
Only/ you can save me/ from this darkness
E5        C5 D5
Inside/ of/ me
E5 (hold) (This line is growled)
So hold me close through this storm

(Solo) (Solo should be improved. Be creative and come up with your own)

(Breakdown) (Breakdown lines are all growled) (Dashes are strum pattern)
E5 -- -- --- -- --- --
Hold Me
A5-- -- --- -- --- --
Donít give up
C5-- -- --- -- --- --
We can make it to the light
E5-- -- A5-- -- C5-- D5-- 

(Chorus 3)
E5                 A5                   C5
And I donít/ want another/ mistake
E5      A5              D5
All I/ want is for/ you to know
E5             A5                     C5
That Iím/ waiting for you/ in the end
E5            A5         D5
And Iíll/ always/ be listening

(End riff)
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