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Walking as One

By Yr. III - Magenta Champions
Intro: G D Em C
G            D
Come on stand up now
Em                          C
We’re gonna walk together as one [as one]
G                    D
We may later realize 
Em                                C      G-D-Em-C
That our worlds are not f-------ine
Chorus 1:
G                          D
All together, we stand forever
          Em                    D
We are walking as one
       G                                D
We put things in our hands
                      Em                C             G D Em C
Together as we have fu---------n
G              D
Come on sing with us [with us]
Em                                 C
As flowers bloom and time go pass [go pass]
G                       D
Our friendship never ends [never ends]
Em                 C                               G-D-Em-C   
The patience still exte-------nds
Chorus 2:
G                                   D
We don’t want to cry as we say goodbye
Em                          D  
Surely time will fly
G                         D
As we set apart, put this in your heart
Em                      D                 G
In my life, you play a big pa--------rt

Instrumental: G D Em C G D Am7 D
(Chorus 1 – instrument fades) (Chorus 1,2)
Coda: na na na na na na na na …(G D Em C 2x)
(Chorus 2 plays slowly) Repeat last two lines except last 3 words---
Ending: G D Em C D G                                                             

Submitted to: Sir Cyril Bañas
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