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Misc Unsigned Bands - Am Kidd - I Can Be chords

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I tried to match the notes with chords the best I could. First tab! :) I hope you guys 
enjoy it! If there's anything wrong, feel free to let me know at

Standard Tuning, NO CAPO

[Am, D, Bm, Em]

Verse 1:
I met a girl the other day we was vibin'

brand name fitted, this girl was super stylin'

I couldn't look away, nah I couldn't shut my eye lids

if I say I saw better than I'd be lyin'
                  Am                                     D
everytime I look, she's lookin' right back
                     Bm                                       Em
givin' her a challenge, I know she likes that
so I walk way but she follows me closer
until she got me flat against the wall like a poster
I ain't gotta say nothin' she already know
with all the girls here, she's the only one that glows
I be diggin' her cause she lookin' like gold
everything she does looks like a modelin' pose
stuck in my mind like a time in a photo
it's almost winter time, I don't wanna fly solo
can't stand still, can't remain low pro
gimme that answer baby is it yes or no? cause...

I can be your boyfriend, lover, and friend
I can be your heart, your shoulder, your strength
I can be the one that takes you away
Give me the okay, I just ...
I just wanna be your man tonight, so
I just wanna be your man tonight, so
I just wanna be your man tonight, so
tell me if it's alright, tell me if it's alright

Verse 2:
I see you holdin' back, I can tell you really want me
I can be your daddy and could be my shorty
I came along when you wasn't lookin' for nobody
but here I am, with my hands all over your body
Some one stop me, I don't mean to be forward
you run around in my mind like a nice chorus
can you pinch me? am I only dreamin'?
our story's like a movie and you just stole the scene and
you knocked me down like Keri and Kanye
tell the ambulance to come over to my place
you're a winner whenever you make my heart race
if loves a game then you're my favorite arcade
I'm just sayin', we could take a risk
or we could play it safe and never exist
come here baby now gimme a kiss
now it looks like theres no option, you're it lets go

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