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Misc Unsigned Bands - Heidi Shaffer - This Is The Part chords

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Capo 7
Verse 1:
Am    F      E7                
How did you see
Such beauty in me
Oh where was I, when I caught your eye
Here just like eve
I hide and deceive
Trying to keep you away from the real me
F   E7   Am                    
And this is the part, where I find myself fallin, fallin,
Fallin into your dreams
And this is the part, where you came, lookin, searchin, hopin
To find a way into my dreams
Verse 2:
Am    F      E7
Oh if you found me
Would you be tempted to leave
Or would you find a way for me to,-- let go of myself
I feel the need
Before you proceed
To warn you my tendencies to fight what I don't know
F    G    (C  G/B   Am)         
F     G      Am                 
I'm just trying to keep my cool
I'm just not to look like a fool
AND You settle my wondering heart
You took my hand and we jumped off
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