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Misc Unsigned Bands - James Weston - The Time Is Now chords

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(Verse 1)
G                                     C               G
This is for the children    yeah and this is for the world
G                                 D                    
This is for the cause so that our rights just might be heard
Amin                              C              D
This is for the soldiers who all died without a name
     C              (walk down)B         A       G
And If this is monopoly lets change the fucking game

G                             D     (walk down) G   F#  Emin
Let's do it now.  Our time is now.  Our Time is Now Now Now
Amin                               C             D
Climb aboard and Shout aloud.. Our freedoms come unglued
Let's do it now
(walk down)C       Bmin   Amin  D       G
           Come on everyone our time is now

(repeat verse and chorus changes)
I don’t care whose side you’re on… to me it’s all a game
I don’t care which god you choose… to me it’s just a claim
I don’t care about your skin color, your money, or your name
The only thing that I know is that our rights should be the same
(repeat chorus)
The more they try to silence us… the more of us will speak
The more they try to lie to us… the less we all believe
As hypocrites recite to us… the strong take from the weak
Our strength is in our numbers and on that we must believe
(repeat chorus)
I was talking to my neighbor who was sitting on a couch
He’s telling me what I should do and calling me a slouch
He asked me why I waste my breath when there’s nothing I can do
I asked him why he waits around as time is marching through

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music and lyrics copyright JamesWestonMusic2011

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