Misc Unsigned Bands - Bluey Robinson - I Know chords

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Bluey Robinson's "I KNOW"
Tabbed by Campahaos

For more help, check out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXUe6unhIYk

NOTE*: Use barre chords for all chords except the CHORUS
NOTE**: Make sure to slide to each chord and palm mute them


Csus2 - D - Am7 - D
Csus2 - D - Am7 - Em


Csus2    D              Am7                    Csus2           
         I know it gets hard when you're losing the fight

Csus2    D              Am7                         Bm
         And nothin works out though you know that you've tried

Csus2                       D                   Am7              Csus2         Am7
         Oh, could be spending days alone with no one by your side

Bm                   Am7               
        WIshing everything would just be alright

Csus2    D             Am7   Csus2
         I try to put a smile on that pretty face

Csus2     D                           Am7                  Bm
        But you just look right through me like I weren't here yesterday

Csus2 D               Am7                  Csus2                 Am7
        What am I to do to show that everything's okay?

Bm                               Am7
        Girl I just want to tell you 


Csus2  D  Am7  Csus2
I know, it's hurting

Csus2   D       Am7      F#m7
I know, you're trying to work it out

Csus2  D   Am7   Csus2
You don't, deserve it
       Am7  Em                      D#             D     Csus2
But sometimes, it's just the way things go, I know

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