Misc Unsigned Bands - Lauren Keys - Memories Of A Girl chords

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Okay so this is an original song that i've written, it's my first song that i've 
written, by myself, so be honest about it.

Standard Tuning.
Capo on 4th


G    A   
Oh-woah Oh Oh
A   D    E  E
Oh-woah Oh Oh

Verse 1:

G     A       D   E
Memories of that day
G     A          D       E
Came back to me when i heard
G     A        D       E
that you had stayed (stayed)
G     A   D    E
that you had stayed

G,A,D,E x2

Pre Chorus:
G     A    D   E
Why? Why? Why?
G    A      D  E
Did you lie to me
G     A    D  E
why? why? why?
G   A         D   E
did you hide from me?
G     A    D   E
why? why? why?

Guitar Solo:

i'll upload the rest soon, this is basically giving you an idea.
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