Misc Unsigned Bands - Neil Cribbs - Mollie chords

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Artist: Neil Cribbs
Song: Mollie
Album: Marionette
Artist Website: http://www.neilcribbs.com
Transcribed by Ben Jones

Capo 2

C                             F                  C
She sits in silence thinks of things she doesnt know
C             G              F          C
And waits for fortune on the late night radio.
C                            F       C
She grinds it nightly at the mill on 41
C              G            F                C
And spends her wages on the man that was her son.
C                                  F                  C
She packs her suitcase, leaves the lights on when she goes
C                               F             C
When the lights burn out, shes far away from home.

G                F           C
Mollie dont you go out like that
G           F   C
Everybodys got troubles, 
G             F                   C
the ones you face are the surest bet
G                F           C
Mollie dont you go out like that

She dreams of farmland when her childhood was her own
The blooming sunlight and the breeze with troubles gone
And all around her she remembers shes alive
She breathes in deeply and drifts back into life

She drives in circles like the clock that made her old
And makes her mind up to head back to her home.
She sits in silence thinks of all the things she knows
Trades her heartache, for the endless open road.

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