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Fever Days – Great Bloomers (Capo 4th Fret)

This is my favourite song from their beautiful album Speak of Trouble. This is as close 
as I can get it. Hope it helps. Enjoy, Stephen.

(Capo 4th Fret)



The above sequence corresponds to the intro and two verses below
(and the outro).

We edged along the shallow lake
Bubbled softly in the wake
Nothing here is yours to take
Nothing here is yours to take
We stumbled down between the rocks
Further than we'd ever walked
We may never get close again
So we sat and breathed it in

To belong to a moment
Is better than to own it
People I've met and places I've been
I miss everything I've seen
I miss everything I've seen

*Note. Whilst playing the D and A chords in the first two lines of the verse I hammer on 
with my forth finger (small finger)
to achieve the accents – I think the chord names with the accents are D sus and A sus, 
although don’t quote me on that.

D                         A
All the weight that we've carried
D                   A
Everyone that we've buried
G           Em      D           Bm
People I've met and places I've been
G      Em    A               D
I miss every-thing I've ever seen

D                 A
How I wished that we could stay
D                        A
We breathed in smoke and drank all day
G                 Em          D         Bm
But the smoke ran out and the booze did too
G     Em           A         D
So we left to find somewhere new

D                             A
Our spirits were high but our feet were sore
D                   A
Built a fire and we drank some more
G            Em         D           Bm
Out with the flames and in with the dew
G              Em         A           D
I woke up with both of my arms around you

(Same chords as verses over the guitar solo D,A D,A 
G,Em,D,Bm G,Em,A,D)

D             A
I hope we can make it through
D                       A
To coast along together after our youth
G        Em          D       Bm
If every dream comes back to you
G         Em     A                D
I'll miss every-thing you used to do

        G       Em           D       Bm
We’ll I pray my dreams could find me first
    G          Em           A          D
Not having you around would be so much worse

(Ending same as intro guitar).
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