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Misc Unsigned Bands - Foursquare United Generation - Show Me chords

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Show Me
Music and lyrics by Chase Wagner

Show me the light
Show me the light 
Come light in my heart a flame
Spirit in fire
Spirit in f ire 
Come Spirit in fire reign

D E A F#m 
Lord make us holy    
Set apart
Made righteous in your sight

Christ live in me
No longer I
God you consume my life

A D F#m E

For there is no one like you
There is no one name beside you
The grave could not contain you
All fall down before you JESUS
A D Bsus D
Come bring Salvation
Oh Lord we're desperate for you
Rescue the nations 
your people calling for you
Come breathe revival
The Earth is ready for you
Show us your power
Come reign in power
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