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Listen | Chords of Truth
Written by Jason Garriotte

Em        C       D         Em

The Earth is fine, its been there a long time, 
now experts claim we are crossing a line
Between our lives, and all of future kind, 
the precise cause they strain to define
There are the chemicals, clean water & CO2, 
But see how far weve come through scientific breakthroughs
We live today like the Kings & Queens of past, 
yet most complain until they draw their last breath


Now won't you come and listen to me,  
Ill show you things that you never have seen
I talk of ignorance, I talk of greed, 
hear my words if you hunger to be free

This begs a question that you should ask, 
what is the trustworthy view through the looking glass
Cause all events can be seen from different sides, 
The ones in power decide how they guide
Factions are trying to control your thoughts, 
by planting concepts in a clean & tidy box
So you should always look between the f ing lines, 
the absolute truth is hidden by design


Volumes have been inspired in our past, 
that offer insight on how to be our best
Yet we choose to fight among each other, 
instead of learning how to create a bright future
Love is key, and striving to be, a positive part of our society
Change is a constant no matter the time of year, 
but higher things are at work so have no fear.


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