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Misc Unsigned Bands - Blue Monday For The Handymen - Broken Commitments chords

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                          BROKEN COMMITMENTS
Can be played with, or without capo 3th

Biggest moment in your life, pass on to be your personal, rollercoaster
Should you cherish or let it be?, your loved ones or your career.
Don`t expect everyone to understand you choices ,ether way,
just for you too even have that thougt,
That feeling, that emotion of satisfaction.
What can make a person even think this way….

F                 C
You wanna make em yours,
F                    C
You gonna give em no choice
F                 C
They end up your blood,
F                  C
But you give your blood away,
Too what??
F    C       G
Who gives a dame, a dame, dame

Satisfied, I don`t think so, who could be that man who gives a dam?
About  his blood, and give them no choice, but to leave him..
Is that what you want your life to bring?

Broken commitments loose your loved ones, loose yourself,
In a material world, of  what……..?


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