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Misc Unsigned Bands - Chords Of Truth - Moments chords

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Moments | Chords of Truth
Written by Jason Garriotte

    Em       C           G            D        Em    C             D
When I was a young man absorbing this world, a fork emerged in the road
What I thought I knew did not ring true, my faith was distorting my view
The story Id heard seemed simple and absurd, I pondered how far it could go
And as the wind blows, thoughts arose, the questions started to flow

G     C     Am   D
G     C     D   

Could it be that one man died for everybodys sins, or we all are ruled by aliens.
And they have our souls trapped on earth to keep us as their slaves, or is it that 
consciousness just ends.
It could be more complex than we can ever fantasize, or life comes from one source.
But you know every time we think that we have it all figured out, we find we were 
wrong from square one

G     C     Am   D
G     C     D

Ive found one universal truth is that between every thought, are infinite possibilities. 
In each instant you decide the way that life proceeds, so you can create or destroy.
If you want to capitalize on this experience, observe what is happening right now
Cause the only moment that exists just slipped into the past, so dont just let 
another pass you by.

G     C     Am   D
G     C     D
2x                                               G
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