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Misc Unsigned Bands - Dana Jo Forseth - Driven chords

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(c)  1997  Dana Jo Forseth

Capo II for record key

That's the fourteenth time
I've passed that water tower in one night
           G                                  D           A
For the last two hours, I've been circlin' this town
Tryin' to add up all your wrongs
And make 'em come out right
      C#m                   D                 A
But all I've really done is drive around.

            D                A
Holdin' on to the wheel
C#m              D          E
Might be a bumpy ride
I might not have you,
       C#m                 D          A
But dang it, I've got my pride.
Bm                   C#m
I can't drive forever
                  D                       E
But that's what I'd like to do
                    F#m                                   A
And by the end of this evenin' maybe baby
               E                  D                 A
I'll have driven over you.
Halfway across the county
Wonderin' if I should turn back
        G                          D                   A
But somehow that don't strike me as a plan
I sure hope that I don't get a flat
'Cause I don't have a jack
       C#m            D                A
But then, I never really had a man

Still there's a dark cloud hangin' over me
That just won't seem to lift
                           Gadd2                                D6/F#
And there's some out-of-stater tourist tryin' to pass
Drivin' off your memory
It's like drivin' off a cliff
I hope that I get over you,
        D               A
I'm runnin' outta gas.

         F#m                A
With any luck, my baby,
               Bm         D     A
I'll have driven over you.
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