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Misc Unsigned Bands - Matt Peaslee - The Mushroom Song chords

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			     THE MUSHROOM SONG - Matt Peaslee

Tabbed by: Matt Peaslee (skippingstone46)
Tuning: Standard (no capo)

     D    Asus    C (alt)  G     Em    D*

D Asus C D*
D Asus C G

Verse 1

      D                        Asus
On a walk through the desert I met up with a gypsy
          C               D*
Read my palms and turned away,
         D                     Asus
On her back was a tattoo of a man by the city
      C              G
And this is what he say,
    D                      Asus                   C
Go home little boy youre too damn witty for the city, 
its a dangerous place,
             D                                 Asus
Said youll sing and youll dance, and youll serenade 
          C                   G
all the ladies with a single glance,
       Em  (hold)
But I said.........


     D                     C            G                   D
Ive been there before and I aint seen nobody with a scary mask,
    D                         C                     G                D
We danced on the back of the camels hump, girls a-wearin the gypsy mask,
    D                    C                        G                    D
We danced all night and danced all day, till our feet no longer could last,
 D                Asus                C                       D
Vowed we alld be back one day, dance in the moonlight of our past.


Verse 2

 D                Asus               C                  D*       
Foot by foot, and mile by mile, got closer to the city gates,
 D              Asus                    C               G
Saw a boy, sat wrapped in shrouds, and this is what he say,
 D                   Asus                  C                  D
Go home big brother, before its too late, or you'll have to pay,
 D                   Asus                       C                    G
the city only brings trouble and despair, in a sneaky and deceptive way,


Verse 3

   D                            Asus                  C          D*
I walked through the gates of a beautiful city, saw a man with a mask,
D                   Asus             C                G
One eyepatch and a crooked leg, and this is what he asked,
       D                                  Asus               
I can see you're on a journey, and youve got a lot of money,
     C                        D*
My knife says youll give it away,
      D          Asus
Well here I sit alone in the city,
      C  (hold)          G   (hold)
and this....... is what I say.....

Chorus 2
 D              C                 G                      D
Here I stand, alone in the city, everyone wearing scary masks,
   D                 C                     G            D
I look to my right, look to my left, all I see broken glass,
 D               C                         G                    D
Walked all day, walked all night, till my feet no longer could last,
 D                 Asus                 C               D
Vowed Id never be back no more, to the city of broken glass.

Intro X 2
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