Misc Unsigned Bands - Sinxjae - Finding Inspiration chords

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Cadd9: 032033
G: 320033
D/F#: 202033
Em7: 022033


Verse: Cadd9 - G - D/F# - Em7  | Cadd9 - G - Em7 - D/F#
you seem so far
far away from me
but i close my eyes
and it seems you're right next to me

it's so hard to say
say how i feel down inside
just waiting each day
you can see whats before your eyes

Prechorus: Em7 - Cadd9 - G - D/F#
and I'm here
waiting for you
my heart's on the line
don't know what to do

should I tell you
exactly how i feel
but somethings telling me 
to wait for you right here

Chorus: G - D/F# - Em7 - Cadd9
I don't know where to start
i stop myself from telling you
i'm scared to let you in this heart
but what if what i feel i true

i've been waiting so long
but the timing is never right
scared for words to come out wrong
so i keep what i feel inside

Verse 2: Cadd9 - G - D/F# - Em7  | Cadd9 - G - Em7 - D/F#
everyday day i'm asking myself
why don't you tell her that there's nobody else
that make you feel the way that you do
maybe you'll find out she feels the same way too


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