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Misc Unsigned Bands - Victry - Match In A Gas Tank chords

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This a song I wrote in 2009.  The chord progressions are incredibly simple to 
play, but the lyrical structure is complex, so I went through the whole song to 
show you as best I could how the chords fall in with the words.  Each line of the 
verses has a bass-line that climbs up to the first chord of the line.  So for the 
first two lines of every verse the bass line is {g a b c} and on the last two 
lines it is {C D E F}.  Enjoy.

                 C                    G              C
Well theres been something thats been bugging me for some time
        C                  G           C
It is a trouble from which I can never hide
             F             C                  G            C
Its all them greedy men in tailored suits who dominate the world
              F          G            C
And build the laboratory mazes for mankind

              C                 G           C
This house of cards will surely topple over someday
           C               G            C
Just as Im sure all of the fat cats are aware
          F       C              G             C
So keep society sedated let them atrophy their minds
           F                 G              C
And in the end there will be no one left to care

	 C                              G
So go on home, walk swiftly through the bright-lit patches
    F                             C        G
The night closes faster than your eyes can catch it
    C                            G                F
The lies will be revealed in the end like a magic show
          C        G
Ill say I told you so
     C                G
Well I dont know, but Ive been told
      F                   G       C
Youre born to die and not to grow old

          C            G           C
And maybe later I will start a revolution
             C              G                 C
You know Ill give them everything that I have got
           F                 C                   G               C
And then I know you all will thank me but Im not sure I have the time
              F            G                  C
Im too damned busy smoking booze and drinking pot

          C          G         C
How can I satisfy my messianic complex?
          C                 G            C
How can I save you from the evils I cant name?
              F       C             G              C
Im not really anybody special but I wish so much I was
              F                   G                 C
This world is rigged but Im still dying to play the game
                 C                            G
Well the race is on, push forward through the swarming masses
F                                 C       G
Forward to the furnace where well turn to ashes
    C                                  G                       F
And spread across the land to make the flowers and the grasses grow
                     C         G
I think, no, no, no I hope its so
     C                G
Well I dont know, but Ive been told
      F                   G       C
Youre born to die and not to grow old

           C                G                C
And in the morning she will rise and say she loves me
              C                  G            C
The fact that she aint real dont matter to me much
           F            C            G               C
I might be sorry come tomorrow but tonight Im just a man
                 F                  G           C
And goddamn! She looks like shed be heavenly to touch

           C              G               C
And in the evening as the light is slowly fading
           C               G              C
And as the hawks make lazy circles in the sky
           F               C               G             C
And as the fireflies start dancing and the forests come alive
            F             G               C
Ill say now what a pretty place for me to die

{bass line: F   E    D}
   C                           F             G
If time is just a fiction, and life is but a dream
     C                                 F                 G
Then pay no heed to scriptures as they flash across your screen
     C                               F           G
Were all as lost as pebbles that are cast into a stream
    C                                    F         G       C
And you cant trust your eyeballs because nothings what it seems

{see below}
And there was Grandma, swingin from the outhouse door
Without her nightie, Grandpa singin more, more, more

C          G         C
Match in a gas tank, boom boom!

"Grandma" riff

/ - slide
h - hammer-on
p - pull-off

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