Misc Unsigned Bands - Madilyn Bailey - Tell Me Josh chords

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Capo x 5 

V1 (G,C,Am,D)
So tell me josh did you ever really mean the things youd say
Cause its looking like youre reading off a script out of one of you plays
So come look come see the next big scene
The one where you rip my heart out I bet itll be on the big screen

Pre-Chorus (Am,D)
With flashing lights and sold out front seats
And youll take a bow and forget about me

Chorus (G,C,Am,D)
You act like you love me you act like you care
Then you turn you back on me and act like Im not there
The games that you play make me sick with myself 
Because I fell for it just like everybody else
You act like a gentleman when no one can see
Then you act like a jerk with your paparazzi 
Im tired of trying to guess who you are 
Cause youve got a new mask for every role that you star
So tell me josh
who are you acting for now 

V2 (G,C,Am,D)
So tell me Josh is this really the way you pictured it would be
Cause it seems to me you staged the props a little too perfectly
The break up scene and the dramatic good buy
Where I look like the emotional girl and you look like the good guy

Pre-Chorus (Am,D)
When the show is done and the credits roll down the TV
Under your biggest fools Ill be the first name youll see

Bridge (Am,D)
So tell me did you always love the drama 
More than you ever loved me 
Youre not Prince Charming and youre no Romeo
Youre a heart ache in disguise who puts on a good show 
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