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Misc Unsigned Bands - Danielle Ate The Sandwich - 17 And 53 chords

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                            17 and 53 - Danielle Ate the Sandwich
Tabbed by: Evanvan

Tuning: standard

This is my first attempted tab and my ears aren't so good, but I think this is 
correct. A great and very simple song originally played on uke.

Verses: Gm F C

Gm         F    C
  You were seventeen the year your father died

Gm           F     C
  And he was fifty-three when you were seventeen

Gm       F      C
  In the museum where you laid your head to sleep

Gm        F                  C
  The artifacts were cold to comfort you

Chorus: Cm Dm

And while you were growing older

He was busy growing older

Gm           F                   C
too, bah dah dum, da dah dah dah dum

Bridge: Gm Cm F Cm F

Gm            Cm      F  Cm        F
   And was it fair to    blame the gi-  

Gm             Cm      F  Cm       F
rl, And was it fair to    make the child

Gm                   Cm         F      Cm   F
choose, And when you stood next to the moun-ta-

Gm           Cm                   F        Cm      F
in,  Did you swear that you could hear him calling you?

Gm            F                   C
      bah dah dum, da dah dah dah dum

Other verses:

When you heard them fighting you hid in the apple tree
The branches broke their noise
And when your brother studied at the university
You were left alone to realize

In the summer when your father drove you to the river
And he would sing so loud
Soon to be kept silent when you climbed through barbed-wired fences
To get to the riverside

And in February you were running late one day
And out the door you ran
Leaving left unsaid the things you’d soon regret not telling
Never knowing this would be your last chance

I am twenty-two and you are fifty-three
And only blood can tell
That we are made up of strings and strands of DNA
Dancing waltzes in our cells
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