Misc Unsigned Bands - The Sun Never Dies - My Friends The Loyalty Song chords

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The Sun Never Dies - My Friends (The Loyalty Song)

Chords Used: G = 320033
             D = xx0232
            Em = 022000
             C = x32010
            B7 = 021202
Verse One:

     G                                                 Em
The day that I decided was the day that she said "It's over"
       G                                           Em
I had lost all of my previous thoughts of joy and love
   G                                            Em
I really was excited 'cuz I was about to say I loved her
         Em                                                       D
But she took my heart and ripped it as if to say "I never really cared"


I swear that I have tried
I know I really should
      G                     C
I've got to get on with my life
No matter how it burns


My friends are all beside me
I'm feeling so alive
My friends are here to guide me
    G             Em    D
No matter how it hurts


Instrumental: G x3 Em D

Verse 2: (Same chords as before)

I decided that she wasn't worth my time so I have moved on now
She's seen how happy I am now without her pain
She has tried and tried and tried and tried and tried for my love now
But I told her "Girl, you crushed my world, so please leave me alone"


Chorus (and repeat)

Bridge: (Only play where there is a chord and a '/')

 Em /
How can girls be mean and cruel
      Em /
And slowly crawl right back to you
   Em /                          D D D D
As if you're gonna give them a chance.
      Em /
They really should get over it
     Em /
And move on to some other sh*t
          Em                          D
That will go through the same thing again 
(but I really don't care because)

Chorus (repeat to fade)
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