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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Spin Room - Fairest One Of All tab

This is my first guitar it may not be very accurate.

Well, i dunno what he plays for the bar/power chords intro but the instrumental 
after that is this:

Then i play the the chords for the chorus like this:
C                        Am                        F
And if you don't believe she's, the fairest one of all
                       G             Em
Met her at the crystal ball, She was bearing it all.
C                         Am                            F
And if you don't believe, just take one look at her face
Because she smiles with grace, this girl you can't wait to taste.

The C chord in the beginning actually starts 2 counts before the "and if you don't 
believe" so play it like that.

I'm unsure of how he plays the riff after the second chorus but i'll post as soon 
as i figure it out.
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