Misc Unsigned Bands - Wayward Daughter - For The Keeping tab

For The Keeping Tab

Capo 11 or Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb  Tuning

Intro & Verses

E ------3-------3--------3-------3---------2---------2--------2--------2---|
B --3-------3-------3--------3---------3--------3---------3-------3--------|
G 0---0---0---0---0----0---0---0-----0---0----0---0----0---0----0----0-----|
D -------------------------------------------------------------------------|     Repeat
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E  ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Close the door..




        Em           Cadd9         G         D/F#                              Em         Cadd9 G
You have my heart, yours for the keeping..              You are the first thing I believed in

          Em     Cadd9        G                  D/F#                 Em                C   Dadd9
And now Iím yours and you are mine tonight

Same chords for:

You have my heart itís clean and healing
And I will never let you down
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