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                             Rooftops - Lucidity

Capo: 1st


      D                     G            D
As I stand on your rooftop, singing your name,
      D                       A                   D
These words taste so bitter, they don't seem the same.
         D                          G        D
Through beatings and thrashings, I have persevered,
       D                        A              D
Your words were so angry, they burned and they seared.
     D                           G             D
You spoke without thinking, and then broke my heart,
     D                       A              D
You finished this journey, before we could start.
    D                         G             D
To quit with your crying, to wipe your teardrops,
    D                         A           D
My hope is now dying, jumped off your rooftop.

[Verse 1]

        D                    G             D
You've cheated my feelings, simply told me lies,
       D                        A     D
Your story don't check out, got no alibi.
     D                            G             D
So quit with the tricks, because you're out of luck,
     D                           A            D
And start talking real, or just shut the hell up.

[Verse 2]

   D                     G          D
I try and I try, but it never gets through,
   D                      A        D
I too have emotions, it's not only you.
   D                          G             D
Shadow in a spotlight, showed me what once was,
     D                       A          D
I'm out on the edge waiting for you to shove.


Em             A                 
I gave it all away, handed out my love,
Em                   A
I never thought you could, ever take me this far.
Em             A
But it was a mistake, to think that you'd think it was done,
Em               A                                        C
I hope what you will do, is quit playing games and just break my heart.

[Solo] [Verse/Chorus pattern]
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