Misc Unsigned Bands - Nachiketa - Nilanjona Dulche Haoay chords

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Tabbed by: Premangshu Chanda
For any querry, text me at premangshu.chanda@rediffmail.com

dulche haoay 
 Daug B7 Em        Em9 Em7
na na na bhul noy 
  Em                  G                F#
dokhina batase e nagpase samay noy
Bm              G
khola baranday e nirjonotay
ceiling er banadhane
                             G          F#
matir byabodhane dulche skholoto basana
Bm      Bsus2       G                  
nilanjana nilanjana nilanjana
     Bm Bsus2  G.

Bm      G      A      F#

This is the first half of the song.. I'll work out the whole thing and submit soon.. Thank You..
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