Misc Unsigned Bands - Josh Leonhardt - Sometimes Smiling chords

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Intro: G A D C

Verse 1
    G                     A             C
Sometimes/ I can't take back/ what I've said
    G                     A             C
Sometimes/ I can't give back/ what I've kept
    G              A            C
Sometimes/ I wonder why/ why I can't
      G              A             C             A
And I know/ I can't make/ make you feel/ better again

But I do know this

      G                D              A
That when you smile/ illuminate/ my world so I can see
     G                D                  A      
And when you laugh/ I can see/ something changing in me
G                D             A                        Am
I need you/ what can I do/ to help you see/ you're the one for me

Verse 2
    G                A              C
Sometimes/ I can't erase/ erase the past
    G               A                 C
Sometimes/ I can't make/ the memories last
    G           A               C
Sometimes/ I'm aware/ of what I lack
      G                A          C             A
And I know/ that this time/ apologies/ are not enough


Em                   C
I can can change/ believe in me tonight
Em                C
I am not/ always what you see inside
Em                         Em
Don't push me down/ please help me out
     C        C
Just Believe


End with:
           C           C A D C Em
You're the one for me
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