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Misc Unsigned Bands - Referial Revenge - Your Smiling Face chords

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This is the second song of my own creation that I performed. People really liked it. I 
originally wrote it for my friend.
My band liked it and decided to play it. Here it is:

(standard tuning and strumming)

Intro: C,G,D,Em,Am,G,D

C                G
I'm lost in your embrace
       D              Em
and I see your smiling face
  Am            G             D
I wonder if you ever think of me
C                G
 Sometimes it's overwhelming
  D               Em
I need your arms around me
    Am        G         D
You just need to let it be

    C       G
You need me now
   D           Em
You're feeling down
  Am          G            D
I will always be there for you

You feel all alone
You seem solitary prone
You need a true friend
I'll be there for you
I will see you soon
Because I love you

Chorus (x2)

The second verse is played the same chord progression as the first. So fairly simple and 
you can make up your own melody for it.
I wish I could show you how the melody goes for it but I may put it on YouTube under 
Theangrybird44 so look for my channel on that.
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