Misc Unsigned Bands - Marideth Sisco - Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies chords

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Marideth Sisco and Blackberry Winter's version of this traditional song
Winter's Bone Soundtrack 

G- 355433            Chord progression is the same for the whole song

A                             D   
Come all ye fair and tender ladies
        A                             Bm
Take a warning how you court your men
                  D                  A
They're like the stars on a summer morning
                G                     A
They'll first appear and then they're gone

They'll tell to you some loving story
And then pretend they love you well 
And away they'll go to court some other 
And leave you here in grief and dwell 

If i had known before I courted 
I never would have courted now 
I'd lock my heart in a box of golden 
And never show it to no one

I wish I was a little sparrow 
And I had wings and i could fly 
I'd fly straight way to my false true lover 
All he'd ask i would deny

But I am not some little sparrow 
I have no wings nor can I fly 
So I'll sit me down in grief and sorrow 
And try to pass my troubles by 
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