Misc Unsigned Bands - Andy Cheng - Praising Eternally chords

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Praising Eternally
This is a song I wrote myself, Youtube link below

Verse 1
Bm               G              D          A
Lord you are the light and the salt of the world
Bm         G               D             A
I will worship with all my heart and my soul
Bm              G               D            A
Lord you are my strength and my song, my salvation
Bm          G   D                  
I trust in you all I do ,
A                 G
forever trust in you
I trust in you

             D           A         G               D            
You are the light of the world, salvation I been waiting for
G              Bm            A
Worshiping in spirit and in truth
         D             A           G                    D            
From the rising of the sun, to the setting of the very same
G                  Bm        A
I will praise your name for eternity.

Bm  G   D   A
Bm  G   D   A

Verse 2
Bm                  G                  D            A
Lord you give me my life, died on the cross, all for me
Bm             G              D            A
Iíll carry my cross, live my life for you Lord
Bm          G            D         A
You took my pain and my shame all away
Bm        G             D                  
I worship you, with my all
A                G
Forever worship you
Worship you

D           G
I will give my life to you
D             A
I will offer all I have
G   Em  D    A  Bm
For you gave me everything
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