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Misc Unsigned Bands - Phil Maclean - Small Sad Sam chords

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Small Sad Sam:Phil MacLean.
#21 in 1961. ( A spoof on Big Bad John.)

(Small sad Sam, small sad Sam.)

Here's a tale of a man who was puny and weak..

stood four foot six in his stocking feet.

Kinda narrow in the shoulder and heavy in the waist..

everything about him seemed to be misplaced, small Sam.
(Small sad Sam.)

He slid into town one rainy night..runnin' like a 

dog, away from a fight.

He had a pretty big mouth for a guy his size..

and everything he said was a pack of lies, small Sam.
(Small sad Sam.)


One day he got on a downtown bus..

first thing you know there was an awful fuss.

They threw Sam off into the street for trying to steal 

an old lady's seat, bad Sam.
(Small bad Sam.)

One day, nobody know's what elevator stuck 

on the eighty-fifth floor.

Some cables broke and so it's said..that car just hung 

there by a thread.

The women were calm and the men were mild,

but Sam screamed and cried like a little child.

He squeezed himself through the emergency door,

and pulled himself up to the eighty-sixth floor.
Small Sam, chicken Sam. (That chicken Sam.)


And then instead of helpin' others get free..

Sam said, "I'm lookin' out for me!"

The cable snapped and all the way down,

they cursed out Sam til they hit the ground, small Sam.
(Small sad Sam.)

Now, someday Sam's gonna get his due..

and when he does I'll make a bet with you.

There ain't nobody even gonna pass the hat..

cause Sam was nothin' but a no good cat.

(Small sad Sam)..yes, small Sam.

(Small sad Sam)..chicken Sam.

(Small sad Sam) good Sam.

(Small sad Sam..Small sad Sam.)(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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