Misc Unsigned Bands - Simon Dahl - I Will Open Your Eyes chords

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I will Open Your Eyes - Simon Dahl

Intro: verse

G             Em
Lord, for as long as I remember, 
     C               D
i've worshiped your name
   G                   Em
I learned that your salvation
    C          D - Dsus4
Can save every man


Sometimes i think of those,
Who cannot see your word
They're wandering in the dark
     C             D - Dsus4 - D - Dsus4 (A - Asus4 - A - Asus4)
working out this world

       G          C           D               Dsus4
If you open your eyes, I will show you;
     G        C         D                     Dsus4
Gods greatnes shines in front of you
       Em        D                            Dsus4
I will open your eyes,
Em              C          G
open your eyes, to see the word

Repeat Song with "A" in pre-chorus
play chorus twice in the end

Chords before repeating: G - D - C - D x4

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