Misc Unsigned Bands - 37 - Drown Your Sorrows chords

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Drown Your Sorrows - 37

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(Main Chord Sequence)
F#m, D, A, E

(Bridge Chord Sequence)
Em, E, A, A

Drink, drink, don't even think
Drink til you throw it all up in the sink
Slit, slit, slit up your wrists
Join the lives of massochists
We drown our sorrows in booze and pain
Until we can't feel again
So drown your sorrows in booze and pain
And soon you'll never feel again

Life is becoming a burden to me
As hard as I try, I'm never happy
Sitting alone, with a simple guitar
Looking at the shit that's happened so far
I fake a smile to everyone
I'm hiding inside how depressed I've become
I cry in my dreams, I'm weeping away
Hoping I'll make it through another day


Love is a cancer that's killing me
It grows and it grows uncontrollably
It's brought me to my knees and left me feeling unloved
I've followed loyally and got kicked in the mud
Suffering has been all I see
Miserable for all eternity
So I'm drinking and drinking until I can't feel
So maybe one day I could say this ain't real, so just


Maybe it's all just a phase, a few days
And I'll cheer, up, soon
Or maybe I'm damned and I'll find that there's nothing
That I, can, do

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