Misc Unsigned Bands - Microwave Jenny - Mellow chords

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One of my favourite songs for the past few months so I had to tab it out!
From what I can figure it's pretty straight forward. I am only unsure about the Bridge

Capo 8 and use the shapes Cadd9 (x 3 2 0 3 0) and Dadd4add9 (x 5 4 0 3 0)
basically a C but up 2 frets, and a G

Tabbed by: Braden M.
Email: bmckinn1@lakeheadu.ca

Tuning: Capo 8

       Cadd9                           Dadd4add9

Cadd9  -   Dadd4add9 - Cadd9 -  Dadd4add9

This is for someone who knew me so well
She was the first one to love me before anybody else
And that birthday party we left all our friends behind
And I swear I never what kissing was before that night

And my favourite part we fell asleep in the park and I always thought I'd be with
You were the first one to hold my heart
I used to run down your driveway and up to your door and you'd always stop to let
me  In you're room you had me from the start

Do you remember when I knew you well? Before we started to grow up and give each other hell
You wore that perfume they don't make no more.
And it's a shame cause that old "Mellow" used to knock me to the floor

You used to show up at night totally uninvited and make yourself feel right at
Home was anywhere you were with me
And I could never forget, oh the night that you let me become the first one to love you
No matter what that's who I'll be

Cadd9                                       G?
I wish I could show you that I'm better
At those things you wanted me to do
I knew you before I knew any better
And I made all of my mistakes on you

And when we used to fight it used to last all night but I'd always make it up to
You mean so much more than you will know
And if you ever make your hair lighter there's the subtle reminder of all the things we used to
Do you think about it like I do?

This is for someone who knew me so well
She was the first one to love me before anybody else

Thats it! Just listen to the song to figure out when to strum, mute, pick etc...
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