Misc Unsigned Bands - Ian Scott Massie - You Make My Day chords

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You Make My Day
Words & Music  Ian Scott Massie 2006


Tuning on recording:  Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb


E      022100
F#m    044200
G#m    066400
A         077600
B         099800
C#m       0 11 11 9 0 0

E                       F#m
E                       F#m

Verse 1
E                       F#m
I see you left me a message
A                                       G#m    F#m
A few words to let me know you care.
E                                           F#m
It lit up my life like a hatful of candles
   A                                           F#m        B
To know that youre with me somewhere out there.

            E                                A
It makes my dreams just seem a little closer
       F#m                        C#m  B    A        
And my fears seem further away.
E                                  F#m
Your sweet little light
Kills the darkness of night,
B    A      G#m       
You make my day.
    F#m     E
You make my day.

Verse 2
I feel youve often been the stranger
That I sometimes find myself to be.
You talk in different words and songs and pictures
And bring these mysteries to me.


Verse 3
We walk one endless blue horizon
Sea on our left, clouds on our right,
And as I follow in your footsteps
Sometimes my little soul takes flight.
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