Misc Unsigned Bands - Miriam Stockley - Perfect Day chords

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Hey guys, my first tab so maybe not 100% correct, but be nice ;)

Capo on 5
It sounds best if you fingerpick!

Intro: am

The rain has moved on
And left a new day 
                             C              G           am
Nothing seems to move everything is still
               F     G   am
It's just a perfect day

The shadows and light
That move with the wind
                       C                            G            am
Hidden violets grow splashed with summer spray
                    F   G    am
Just another perfect day
C                       G
On the wild and misty hillside
am                    G
Fear is nature’s warning
C                     G            am
Hunger here is never far away

And all of this world
Is for children who play
Days that never end
           G          am 
always should remain
             F     G    am
Another perfect day
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