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Misc Unsigned Bands - Are You Proud To Be A Brony - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic chords

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Are you proud to be a Brony?
Original Artist: BlackGryphon (Deviant Art ) an JPT (JukeBox Live)
Original Chords provided by Hamish Milne on everyponysings[DOT]com
Changes and adjustments by me

Song video:

During the stanza, on the last E of the phrase, you can throw in *E whenever it sounds good
E       Esus4             E          (*)Esus4              E
 A while ago if you would ask me what I watch in my spare time,

Standard Tuning

 E = 022100
*E = 022102 
 Esus4  = 002200
*Esus4 = 002202 (optional replacement during stanza)
 B = x13331
 F#m7 = xx2222
 C#m = 446654

E   *E    E   *E

E       Esus4             E             Esus4             E
 A while ago if you would ask me what I watch in my spare time,
      Esus4            E                Esus4         E
No I probably wouldn't tell you what was really on my mind.
     Esus4           E             Esus4           E
But lately I've been thinking of a reason I should hide
             Esus4            E                Esus4          B
FiM as if to mention it where painful, when it feels so good inside!

                    F#m7                              B
Why can't I mention Fluttershy and her timid loving mind,
                            F#m7                                  B 
How she can be herself near animals, but shies away from her own kind?
                    F#m7                                C#m             E   B   B
Why can't I mention Pinkie Pie? And the way she kind of acts a bit like me sometimes?

       C#m                   B               C#m      B
You see I use to hate that I liked my little pony. 
         C#m        B
Not any more...
I'm proud to be a brony!

E  *E   E  *E (repeat till Squee)

(Sound bytes from the show during bridge.)
"Can't hear ya, I'm asleep."
"Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh OHMYGOSH!!"
"Thiiis is whiiining!"
"You rock! woohoo..."
"Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."
"can you do that? Can you explode twice?"
"It needs to be about twenty percent cooler."
"Oatmeal?! Are you crazy!?"
"I don't wanna talk about it..." 


E     Esus4               E                     Esus4                 E
 Many try to make me feel embarrassed but their attempts have been in vain, 
                        Esus4            E                     Esus4        E
For though they tell me I'm the one with problems, they're the ones who are insane!
                 Esus4            E       (pause . . . . . . . . . .) E
So for those who watch but won't admit it; well you shouldn't be like that.
                   Esus4          E     Esus4           B
Cause you could be twenty percent cooler in ten seconds flat!

                      F#m7                           B
Why don't you mention Rainbow Dash and her acrobatic skill,
                             F#m7                           B                                    
How she will try her hoof at anything just to get a little thrill?
                      F#m7                           C#m                   E     B   B
Why don't you mention Apple Jack, and talk about her honest southern style power of will?
    C#m                             B              C#m    B     
See you don't have to fake that you hate my little pony. 
         C#m    B
Shout it out!
                     E    Esus4
"I'm proud to be a brony!"

---Musical Interlude---

E  Esus4 (repeat)

"My Little Pony"
"Winter Wrap Up"
"Art of the Dress"

B                    F#m7                              B
So I'm gonna mention Rarity and how she's oh so lady like,
                      F#m7                                    B
But even though she's prim and proper, she could make it in a fight!
                      F#m7                                    C#m               
And I'm gonna mention Twilight, and though she's kinda nerdy, boasts a power tucked away,
could take an Ursa any day!
   C#m                      B                   C#m     B
So how about you? Would you do what I do, or be phony?
               C#m     B     E    *E
I'm asking you now...

E  *E   E  *E  (repeat to the end!)            
Are you proud to be a brony?!
Are you proud to be a brony?...

original chords were found on everyponysings[DOT]com . tweaks made by me
keep calm, and brony on!!
mlp fim /)
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