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Misc Unsigned Bands - Triple Lane - Masters Of The Road chords

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Verse 1:
            D               G
Hop in the car, and take a seat.
       Em                         G         A
It's time to take all of your troubles and set them free.
              D                    G
Turn on the radio, and blast the volume,
      Em                    G               A
Cus todays the day you're gonna have with zero problems. 

Intro to Chorus:
Just roll the windows down as we drive from town to town.
             G                      A
Throw your hands up in the air and sing. . .

We are the masters of the road, where we stop nobody knows,
        G                          D Em    A
We're gonna keep on drivin til the summer ends.
Yeah we are the masters of the road, rain or shine we keep on goin
on and on, ridin with the best of friends.
        D           Em          A     D
We're driving on a road with no dead end.

Verse 2:
        D                 G
If the tank, runs out of gas.
            Em            G                  A
We'll just fill it up, continue, make this moment last.
              D                    G
The sun goes down, and the stars appear.
       Em                G                  A
I can truly say there's no place i'd rather be than here.

Play Intro to Chorus then Chorus 

     D                             G
The car starts to slow down as we make a stop.
     D                           G Em    A
We walk into a field and let our bodies drop.
      D                                   G
They say that the road ain't no place to call a home.
         D          G                   Em                  A
But I disagree, I think it could be as long as you're not alone.

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