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Misc Unsigned Bands - Waxahatchee - Bathtub chords

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Really easy, and it's a great song!

[Standard Tuning]
[Capo on 9th fret]

Waxahatchee - Bathtub

D         A          Em       G
take my word for it, i'm not worth it
D              A             Em          G
i ignored you all night and you don't deserve it
D          A         Em              G
morning, bathtub, my skin soft and hot
D                     A             Em   G
i was sure you were right but you're not

    Em                   G
i contemplate my ruined fate
D                            A
someone will hurt me so bad one day
              Em                G
and you'll resonate or i'll apologize
              D                    A
or maybe i'll make the same mistake twice

D               A           Em          G
i hide from phone calls under the warm water
D           A              Em         G
malice desists, no it woefully recurs
D                 A            Em                G
and it plays like daytime tv shows, i confuse you

       D               A                   Em             G
and i tell you not to love me but i still kiss you when i want to
Em                    G
and i lament, you're innocent
                D                    A
but somehow the object of my discontent
              Em            G
and its fucked up, i let you in
            D                    A
even though i've seen what can happen

D                  A               Em                G
you make a tape, receive it in the mail
D             A                Em               G
and i force myself busy, the diversion will prevail
D                        A                 Em                   G
and i will swallow all my guilt with little pills and forge my chin up
D                     A                   Em              G
and i will only think about it in the morning, in the bathtub
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