Misc Unsigned Bands - Deewuz - Your The One chords

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You're the one
written by Iwasa Pohatu & Delia Harrison

Abm    Dbm    Ebm

You've touched my life
    Dbm           Ebm
and made me who I am
You brought light and music
    Dbm            Ebm
I began to see and understand the taste of love
Your eyes were so gentle
     Dbm      Ebm
Your smile so true
When you first held my hand, I just knew
                   Dbm  Ebm
Your touch is with me always

Pre Chorus:
Dbm              Ebm
Itís burnt in my skin
    Dbm            Ebm  E
It starts a fire inside me

    Abm             Ebm
You walked into my life
I felt my world change
           Abm          Ebm            E
Youíre the one who satisfies all of my pain

When I wake up in the morning
Dbm                      Ebm
Sunshine's falling on my skin
Abm                                  Dbm                  Ebm
I crave the light and laughter - you have brought into my life
Abm                                   Dbm                  Ebm
Fall into the sweetest dreams - How I hope no one will wake me
Abm                                     Dbm              Ebm
The sun melts the chill from our lives - My joy is overflowing

Pre Chorus:


Dbm                  Ebm
I lose myself in our love
Dbm                     Ebm
I'm your fool and you're my queen
I was born to love you
Coz youíre my ecstasy

Chorus Outro:
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