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Misc Unsigned Bands - Chip Skylark - Icky Vicky chords

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I haven't quite gotten the solo just yet. I just wanted to get the chords first.

V-I-C-K-Y! The sound of her name makes the little kids cry
A                    D                    E                                D
  Hey, Vicky. You're so so icky. Just the thought of being around makes me oh so sicky.
A                       D                      B                            E
  Hey, Vicky. Won't you please explain why you get so much enjoyment out of causing kids pain?

Oh, oh, oh!

  F#          G          A       F#   G        A
A chick who's just plain mean. A sour sweet sixteen.
        B                          E
She's a fire-breathing dragon in a pair of black jeans! (Ewww!!!)

*Guitar solo*

A                       D                     E                           D
  Hey, Vicky. Won't you tell us true how'd we ever get the bad luck to be stuck with you?
A                   D                        B                          E
  Oh, Vicky. Can we say one thing? It's your super total yuckiness that makes wanna sing!
A              D
  Icky Vicky! (Ew, ew!)
E              D
  Icky Vicky! (Ew, ew!)
  Icky Vicky!
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